Female psyche always hard to understand!


There was Shibari lesson the other day,
a student want feedback , so I asked a model about her Shibari impression after the lesson.


I would like to share that.
It’s very interesting!


ですね ^^; !!

↓I sent a e-mail the student↓

Model said that

He tied me as I expected.
It is a good thing,
But I really wanted you to betray a bit.
It makes me feel like I am leading that my wish comes true completely.
I wanted you to take the initiative.

Well, it’s very interesting.
This is a little high level story , I think.

Basically it is a good thing to meet the expectations of your partner.

You could observe her reaction and read her desire.
So you could meet her expectations.

But female psyche always hard to understand!
Especially the women who love rope!

This is one experience, please make use of this experience next time.


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