紫 春晏
Murasaki Haruan

Murasaki is a professional mistress working in Tokyo.
She is the 10th licensed instructor in Yukimura-ryu and both the first woman and the first Japanese to be certified by Yukimura Haruki in his unique style of Japanese bondage.
He bestowed upon her the Yukimura-ryu name of Haruan (春晏).

Murasaki met Yukimura Haruki in 2003, soon after her debut as a professional mistress, when he came to the club where she was working to teach kinbaku.
Shortly after, she began assisting him on video shoots, which allowed her to continue learning his style of tying.

When Yukimura Sensei started to offer formal instruction in Yukimura-ryu in 2006, she became one of his first students.
In 2008, at a special presentation in Yukimura-ryu at a theater in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai district, she performed on stage for the first time.
Murasaki accompanied Yukimura Haruki as his teaching assistant on his trips to Los Angles in 2012, and to Sydney and Melbourne in 2014, participating fully in his instructional workshops there.

After sudden pass of Yukimura Sensei in March, 2016, she began to accept a limited number of students with a genuine interest in learning Yukimura-ryu.

As the Yukimura-ryu instructor, she performed four-day workshop in LA in March, 2017, which included 'Yukimura-ryu Nawa-Yuugi(nawa-play)' and 'Tying men' (for ladies)seminars.

Because she is generally tying men, she is particularly experienced in and skilled in teaching how to tie men, as well as in teaching women who wish to learn how to tie. Communication is key in her work as a professional mistress, so like Yukimura Sensei, she places great importance on the use of rope in communicating with one’s partner.

(English translation : Alice and Pooh)